The Fluchtweg Hamburg Concept

Fluchtweg Hamburg is a Live Escape Game made by creative minds and tech-savvy tinkers. Both of our riddle rooms are handmade, containing our own concepts and craftsmanship.

The founders of Fluchtweg Hamburg put great emphasis on challenging tasks and technical surprises. The designers take great care in crafting unique items and furniture for our rooms. Our Escape Masters are there to help our guests delve into the exciting world of Live Escape Games and will lend help and support before, as well as during the game.

Feel free to get to know the Fluchtweg Hamburg-Team!

The game principle

You are playing in a room full of riddles for an approximate hour. Time’s ticking. You experience the special story, work as a team, find hints, solve riddles, open locked items and decipher codes in order to reach the goal. You have a maximum of 60 minutes.

You will need to employ creativity, teamwork and good communication. This will make your mere group become a real team and in the end, you might emerge as glorious victors! 😉

1 team

1 team

You will face the challenge in a group of at least 2 up to a maximum of 6 players.

1 room

1 room

Choose between the decrepit “Hotel Old Vegas” and the modern space ship “Voyager 2076”.

1 goal

1 goal

The goal depends on the room: escape from the decrepit hotel or save the world from inside the spaceship.

Who are the rooms at Fluchtweg Hamburg tailored for?

Family and friends

At Fluchtweg Hamburg, you are the lead!
In our rooms you can either become daring astronauts or try your luck as fiendishly clever Las Vegas gamblers.
It’s definitely worth a visit, no matter if you’re old or young!


A different kind of company event. Be it the next Christmas party, next year’s kickoff or as a team building measure. At Fluchtweg Hamburg, we offer a gripping experience that will transform any group into a team.


Our escape rooms offer a special kind of exciting leisure activity. We are only a couple of steps away from several important attractions: The Hamburg Dom, Millerntor stadium, Bunker at Feldstraße … a little bit of sightseeing will be worth your time!

Pupils & students

Our escape rooms promote creativity and team spirit. A great added value for school classes and students who are eligible for a budget price! For such advantages, please contact us prior to your booking.

Safety and special effects

In our rooms, sound effects and fog are being used depending on the theme, but don’t contain any horror elements. This makes them suitable for adults and children alike.

You be greeted personally by a game supervisor and receive a small briefing shortly before the game. Cameras will make sure that you are constantly connected to the game supervisor. Nothing will be recorded. The doors are locked for the duration of the game. In case of an emergency, there’s a safety key located next to the exit doors, for your safety. This ensures that you can leave the room at any given time at your own will. This makes our rooms conform with all legal standards and we can guarantee that all preparations are made to care for your safety.


Our Entrance leads 6 steps downstairs into our foyer. We provide a ramp for wheelchair users that will help with overcoming them. We will prepare accordingly before your arrival, please send a request beforehand.

The room “Voyager 2076” is barrier-free. But it’s important to bring an able-bodied person because some items are not within reach of the wheelchair user.

The room “Hotel Old Vegas” is NOT barrier-free. In the room, there’s a 12 cm (4.7 in) step that you have to overcome. The width of the wheelchair should not exceed 54 cm (21.25 in). Please contact our employees before booking.

Frequently asked questions

Got any questions? Have a look at our FAQ!