• Fluchtweg Hamburg Escape Room

    Fluchtweg Hamburg

    Live Escape Game

Hotel Old Vegas

Demolition in one hour! Hurry up! Solve the riddles, combine items, find the key and flee from the dilapidated hotel.

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Voyager 2076

Spaceship out of control! 60 min. Until the “Voyager 2076” collides with planet Earth. Repair the chip, restart navigation and safe the world!

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Battle Mode

Play Live-Escape with 8-12 players in our rooms “Hotel Old Vegas and “Voyager 2076” simultaneously.

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Ein alternatives A special adventure for sharp minds! Make it your awesome present. 60 min. of action, mysteries and fun for everyone.

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Clients about us

Thoughts and experiences about our escape game

  • Albert


    I paid a visit to the Fluchtweg with my colleagues and I spent a very funny hour trying to solve all the puzzles and get out of that room 🙂 I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but the secrets were hard enough to keep us very busy all 60 minutes we had. We’ve made it for 59:13 though 🙂 You should definitely try this! Lots of fun and very friendly staff!

  • Igor


    I was here with my friends and we’ve loved the quest! We thought it would be be easy, but it was not that simple at all. The puzzles and quests are very well set up, it was much fun solving them.

  • Davide


    It was great experience. I really look forward for playing the other room.
    The staff is very friendly and professional!


Here you can experience the live adventure!

1 Team

1 Team

Accept the challenge with your friends, family or colleagues in a team of 2 to 6 players.

1 Room

1 Room

Choose between the delipidated “Hotel Old Vegas” and the Spaceship “Voyager 2076”.

1 Goal

1 Goal

Escape! You only have 60 minutes! Counting now: 59.59, 59.58, …

Can you handle it?

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