1 Team, 1 Room, 1 Goal


Choose your adventure!
Hotel Old Vegas

An old building is about to be demolished. You are trapped in one of its hotel rooms! Discover the secrets of the room and solve its puzzles to escape on time!

Voyager 2076

Raumschiff außer Kontrolle. In 60 Minuten kollidiert die Voyager 2076 mit der Erde. Rette jetzt Millionen von Leben vor der Auslöschung!

Fluchtweg Concept

"Fluchtweg" is a "Live Escape Game" in Hamburg.
It is an amazing leisure activity and an adventure for anyone.
Challenging Breathtaking Exciting Mysterious

You can accept the challenge and try to escape the room with your team of 2 to maximum 6 people.

Choose your dangerous adventure between a soon-to-be demolished room in “Hotel Old Vegas” or a captain bridge of an out-of control spaceship “Voyager 2067”.

Find out more about challenges, rooms and special offers under “Rooms/Booking”.

Your only goal is to ESCAPE!

You only have 60 minutes and it’s counting down 59:59, 59:58, …

  • 1 Team

    Team of 2-6

  • 1 Room

    of your choice

  • 1 Goal

    to escape

  • 60 minutes

    to find a way out

Our Guests About Us

Our guests share their Fluchtweg-experience